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How To Download Discord On PC

How do I download Discord on my PC? Here are four simple steps to help you download Discord on your PC.

How to download Discord on PC?

  • You can also easily download the software onto your PC to use Discord outside of a web browser.
  • Discord is accessible on Mac and other mobile platforms, including Android and iPhone.
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  • Because it allows for both text-based and voice-based discussion, Discord is a well-liked messaging service among gamers.
  • Gamers can use Discord to talk while playing online games and discuss their favorite games and websites.
  • You can even use Discord on your PC without a web browser by downloading the Discord app. This can be particularly useful when playing PC games with buddies.

Find out how by reading on.

How to install Discord on a computer

1. Start a browser and navigate to Next, select “Download” from the menu in the upper-left corner of your screen.

download discord on PC

2. Click the button associated with the Windows operating system on your PC. Next, select “Download Now” from the menu.

download discord on PC
3. Your downloads bar will see the file “DiscordSetup.exe.” To open the file, click on it.

download discord on PC
4. Select “Run” from the pop-up window when it displays.

The remaining instructions are to be followed. That’s all! On your computer, you have successfully downloaded the Discord app. Search for “Discord” on your computer like you would for any other app or piece of software, then click the Discord app when it pops up.


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