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10+ best Discord Bots for The Servers

Looking for best discord bots for your server? This post will show 12 best discord bots for your server that you never knew before. THE EASIEST WAY to define Discord is as a modern-day Roman forum, a permeable community center where people congregate to speak and be shouted at. There are games, shops, conflicts, and even courts of law on a particular server (if you count moderators). Although it’s a strong parallel, it fails for one crucial reason: Bots weren’t a thing back then.

10+ best Discord Bots for The Servers

The entropy of online communication is brought under control by Discord bots. Bots are abundant on all of the best Discord servers, offering much-needed security, structure, information, and amusement. Users might choose their roles, letting others know where they stand in the community.

Another might access pertinent data—in real life or in a video game—on the cost of a well-liked item. There are bots for polling, music, and security. But unless you join numerous Discord servers, you might not be aware of all that’s there. This was completed for you by Techjoint. Here are some of our preferred Discord bots:


These are the bots that every server needs to have at least one of, whether it is for 5,000-person public Roblox servers or 10-person online buddy groups. These multipurpose bots offer the essential infrastructure and organization for a lively and user-friendly Discord server. These offer a ton of other tedious tools that are crucial for running a big Discord server, such as the ability to filter spam, set rules for users, and log moderator events. You can use these to assign roles (either automatically or by letting users choose roles with emoji reacts), filter spam, set rules for users, and log moderator events.


MEE6: Every server should have MEE6 installed. And it makes a living on 16 million. On servers with 15,000 users or only five, the bot is a constant and consistently helpful presence, welcoming new users with an automatic message and expelling them for spamming memes. MEE6 makes moderating, creating polls, and using custom commands (such responding to frequently asked questions) easier. It can also log activities on a Discord server that is important to moderators.

Members particularly enjoy Discord’s ability to group users by roles or titles, such as “Call of Duty players,” “moderators,” or “Twitch subscribers.” The use of roles is a wonderful technique to allow members to read or not view specific Discord content. Users may find out who to contact if they have questions or what other gamers share their passion for

Rocket League, and server owners can send out messages to just their Twitch subscribers or moderators without @everyoneing. Users of MEE6 can choose from up to 250 roles by clicking on specific emojis underneath Discord posts. Many servers offer rewards to content creators, assign users to certain duties, or just reward users for hanging around for a long enough period of time in order to climb up roles, which MEE6 supports.

MEE6 offers more sophisticated custom commands (such alerting you when a broadcaster is live on Twitch) and moderation capabilities for a $12 monthly premium cost.


Carl-bot: Many of Carl-features, bot’s such as welcome greetings and up to 250 reaction roles, are shared with MEE6. It can rate limit spammers, generate polls, and record occurrences.

More significantly, it enables customers to use some more complex custom instructions without charging a price. The user interface is just a little bit more complicated than MEE6, which is easier to understand. The reaction role system has been upgraded, and text commands are improved, thanks to Carl-$5 bot’s monthly premium charge.

Discord servers can occasionally become a little toxic for a safe, clean, and friendly environment. It is what occurs when a group of masked gamers are placed in a chat room. And because Discord has grown to be so popular, many servers now experience spam issues. Consider adding a few of these bots to keep your online area secure, considerate, and free of spam:

With, you get a direct message asking you to confirm that you are a human when you join a new server. To access the server, users must visit’s website, connect back into Discord, and successfully complete a captcha. It’s a terrific approach to guarantee that your public server is only used by humans (apart from any bots you purposely included!).


Consider adding a ModMail bot if your server is bigger or you require a clear separation between users and “staff.” The server’s moderators receive messages over a different channel with a common inbox. Requests to abolish the #anime channel don’t constantly bombard moderators’ private direct messages!


Tatsu: Leveling bots enable players to obtain XP and rankings in accordance with their level of server participation. Higher involvement levels can be configured by mods to match server roles. In addition to being a good side activity, it helps newbies understand who has been there for a while and who to approach for assistance. With credits and points that may be used to purchase profile cards, pets, and other cosmetic things, Tatsu offers a more complete leveling system. Some money and items are transferable between Discord servers and are referred to as global.

You can’t always count on members to keep a Discord community lively. These bots enhance servers with a little more content, such as minigames, music, or crazy antics.


Hydrabot: This music bot can stream songs from Bandcamp, Spotify, and SoundCloud. Other music bots that supported YouTube streaming were recently interrupted or completely shut down when YouTube made them inactive. Naturally, this occurred just before YouTube began testing its own, slightly different, Discord integration. Since Hydrabot doesn’t permit streaming from YouTube and includes administration tools, it shouldn’t be subject to takedown requests from the video hosting service. Additionally, if Hydrabot ever loses the ability to stream music, it won’t be rendered worthless.

7.Epic RPG

Epic RPG: A server-wide role-playing game is made possible by this well-known text-based bot. Through straightforward language commands, players can hunt monsters, improve their armor, buy and sell stuff, and level up. It’s a sweet background addition to a server, but unquestionably not the star attraction.

8.Idle RPG

Idle RPG: A less active (thus “idle”) role-playing game that lets players create unique characters and assign them to quests in the style of Dungeons & Dragons. From there, players can engage in combat, trade and sell goods, and even create families.

9.Haiku Bot

The straightforward bot HaikuBot turns any phrase with a 5-7-5 syllabic sequence into a haiku. provides a brief moment of bliss.

Some Discord servers are only for chit-chatting with real-life buddies or joining forces with random people for Valorant games. Others are more active, planning Discord-wide events, online tournaments, or even complex role-plays. These are the bots that we recommend for Discord groups who may use a little aid with planning.


Sesh: You can link to Google Calendar, create events from messages, customize time zones for specific users, and conduct polls to determine the best times for particular events using this calendar bot. Discord’s scheduled events functionality is still rather new, thus having a bot to manage them is very helpful.


Apollo is a Discord calendar bot that can send users automatic reminders to let them know when an event they registered for is approaching. If you support the company’s Patreon, this bot also has a premium option that adds specific roles for attendees, limitless recurring events, and the capacity to limit who can sign up for the event.

12.Mimu Bot

Some servers integrate their own currency systems so that players can buy new roles or virtual goods, according to Mimu Bot. Although in-server economies are prevalent, few are as adorable as Mimu Bot’s. The bot is significantly less intimidating than other currency bots thanks to its cutesy currency structure (cookies) and kawaii design.

13.Member Count

Member Count: Without doing a lot of reading and adding, it can be challenging to count the number of Discord users in a certain server. Simple and convenient server statistics are provided by Member Count. Find and join some well-known Discords or browse thousands of bots on if you’re looking for more fantastic Discord bots.


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