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How to Figure Out Best Starting Word for Wordle

Looking for best starting word for wordle? Today, we’ll show you how you can easily figure out best starting word for wordle. Today, increase your game. These words will help your Wordle session today.

I’ll admit that playing Wordle isn’t really my thing.

Picking a readable five-letter combination at random from my stream of mind and seeing where that leads me is how my ideal daily Wordle session begins.

At that point, the game takes on a linguistic Magic Eye-like quality. If I let go of my initial guess and think of all the words that could be created from any yellow- or green-marked letter, I will ultimately discover the solution. Or not! And that’s okay; I can live with a defeat.

How to Figure Out Best Starting Word for Wordle

But I understand that some people desire to win at all costs. Maintaining that daily streak is fantastic, especially as it increases to ten and beyond.

Sure, you could always search up the solution to cheat, but that wouldn’t give you a sense of success. The only acceptable middle ground there is Wordle gaming, and starting word strategy is the best location to find it.

Therefore, let’s begin. There are many ideas on the internet.

Looking for today’s Wordle solution? For the Wordle on August 15, here are some tips and the solution.

What are some Wordle starting word ideas to consider?

Let’s begin by considering this holistically. The alphabet has 26 letters total. Of those, five are vowels, the fundamental unit of most words (plus the letter “Y” occasionally).

Therefore, any five-letter combination that enables you to eliminate more vowels early will, at a very fundamental level, reduce the universe of potential solutions.

We can immediately come up with a few great starting words with that fundamental reality in mind. ADIEU, AUDIO, and OUIJA all cover the four vowels, while there are others. If the answer is “sweet” or the “radar,” for instance, you won’t know if any yellow or green letters appear twice, but at least you can identify some crucial characters right away.

Most individuals consider that adequate. Starting with the words with a lot of vowels will always offer you a specific advantage while solving the Wordle’s puzzles. But because not all letters are created equal, it’s also not easy. Yes, there are some vowels in almost every word, but some are more or less typical. It’s the same with consonants.

Wordle is another resource you can use. A considerably smaller set of terms—only few thousand—qualify as the potential solutions, compared to more than 10,000 words the game will actually accept as allowed guesses. After acquiring Wordle, The NYT even reduced down that solution list. Therefore, even though you could make a guess using a more esoteric word like AUREI (the plural version of aureus, an antique Roman gold coin, for those who are intrigued! ), it won’t be the day’s solution.

RAISE is a great starting word if going vowel-heavy is not enough and you want to include some of the more common consonants as well. It covers the three most common vowels and the two most common consonants as they are listed in dictionaries.

Which Wordle starting word, in actuality, is the best?

best starting word for wordle

You might want to stop reading now if you don’t want to feel like you’re cheating Wordle. For most players, that will be plenty to give them an advantage in the new puzzles that are released every day.

But there is a great video from Grant Sanderson, a mathematician and computer scientist who posts as 3Blue1Brown on YouTube, for those who want to go even further down the rabbit hole. In order to find the best starting words, Sanderson used his expertise of “information theory” to create several testing programs that measure things like letter frequency.

Although Sanderson’s genial nature and willingness to take the time necessary to explain complicated concepts to viewers make it an interesting watch, it is a thick 30 minutes of explanation that is heavy on the math discussion.

We learn that CRANE is the best Wordle starting word in this first video from the Sanderson (you did not think it was going to be as easy as one video, did you?). But it’s not quite that easy. Sanderson’s summary only covers the first stage of information collecting because it concentrates on letter frequency. It’s only the “best” if you make a perfect second guess using what you know about the correct and incorrect letters in the first word.

Have you started to feel dizzy? Do you regret not stopping after the first section? I am at that moment! We’re not even done yet, wait.

The next week, Sanderson released a new video with the headline “Oh, wait, apparently the top Wordle opener is actually not “Crane.” It turns out that his initial test software contained a little error. He states up front that the flaw “affects a very small percentage of cases,” keeping the important lessons from the first video in tact.

The bug specifically applies to solutions that actually have multiples of the same letter and how the Wordle handles that, without diving into the complex math.

Even though “very little of substance actually changes” from the first film, Sanderson felt the need to release a follow-up since the conclusion on the ideal starting word is impacted. The same warning that previously applied also applies here: A good starting word is only as good as how it makes use of the knowledge gained from the previous guess.


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