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How to make Discord look and feel like Slack

How to make Discord look and feel like Slack? Today, I will tell you about the steps on how to make Discord look and feel like Slack.

How to Make Discord Look and feel like Slack?

Slack recently made some changes to its free plan. Previously, users could archive up to 10,000 messages, but now they can only archive messages from the last 90 days. There are ways to get around this restriction, but I predict many communities will switch to Discord.

In comparison to what you’re used to, if you’re a part of that migration, Discord may look and feel a little… strange. Here’s a tip on how to make it a little cozier.

Change to the Light Mode

Start with the most noticeable distinction: Discord is dark by default, even if your phone or computer isn’t in dark mode.

Granted, if you use Slack in dark mode, that might look familiar, but for users of light mode, this is alien. By clicking the gear next to your name in the bottom left corner, which opens User Settings, you can set Discord to operate in light mode. You can enable the “Light” theme there by going to “Appearance.” As an alternative, you can use the Sync With Computer option to keep Discord in sync with everything else if you frequently switch between dark and light modes.

how to make discord look and feel like slack

Put Some Contrast in There

Everything in Discord’s light mode is illuminated, including the left sidebar. Because there is no distinction between the channel list and the rest of the user interface, it is simple for Slack users to get lost. As a result, I also recommend taking a look at Dark Sidebar. If you enable it, the left panel will remain dark in light mode, making it more noticeable. This has a big impact.

how to make discord look and feel like slack

Modify the Font and Color Schemes

Font scaling is located just below the theme options. Change the Chat Font Scaling level to 16px and the Space Between Message Groups to 4px to get the fonts as close to Slack’s default as possible, or just fiddle with the settings until they feel right.

Finally, visit the accessibility section if you don’t like how some people’s usernames are different colors. Users’ roles in Discord servers are indicated by the color of their usernames. Most of the time, admins give these roles to groups of users based on their interests, whether they are moderators, admins, or have some other special status. If you prefer that each username be uniform, check Don’t reveal role colors; as in Slack, everyone will now be the same color. (Alternatively, Show role colors next to names that can be chosen if you don’t want to lose this context; a colored circle will appear next to each person’s name.)

Last but not least, you can reduce the color intensity overall by adjusting the saturation. As a result, the various blues in the user interface, as well as the role colors, will be muted.

Add the Unique Emoji You Adore in Slack

If you recently switched to Discord, you probably miss the custom emoji because every Slack eventually accumulates an absurd amount of them. Although not all of them, the good news is that you can take some of them with you. Up to 50 emojis are available from each server. Also, each server can have up to 50 animated emojis, but only people who pay for Discord Nitro can use them.

After that, let’s locate and include your preferred emoji. Search there and download the ones you want because it’s likely you can find them at Slackmojis and its nearly identical sister site, Discordmojis. Click Server Settings after selecting the name of the current server in Discord’s top left corner. You can upload up to 50 personalized emojis by going to Emoji. If you don’t have permission to upload emotes to the server, which you can probably request from an admin, the Emoji option won’t be available. The emoji you add can be used by everyone on your server.

Slack and Discord are not the same things, and they never will be. That doesn’t preclude you from giving it a little bit of familiarity. You’ll get there with these adjustments.


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