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What is Discord? A Beginner’s Guide

What is exactly discord? Today, we’ll explain in our beginner’s guide how exactly discord functions and hoe people are using it in their daily lives. Most individuals choose Discord these days when it comes to online communication with friends and family. Be it about video games, movies, TV shows, cuisine, or anything else. Discord quickly rose to prominence as the preferred method of communication among gamers. introducing a new voice and text chat system.

Finally, players could coordinate their gaming with friends while playing party content using another high-quality app. like multiplayer matches versus the opposing team, dungeons, and raids. Discord, however, has evolved somewhat since its launch and is now much more than just the top in-game communication software.

What is Discord? A Beginner’s Guide

It offers a variety of features that make it a wonderful choice for anyone looking to connect with like-minded people on just about any subject. It’s entirely fine if you haven’t heard of Discord before. Perhaps you don’t spend much time online or you’re just accustomed to using a different chat software. like WhatsApp, TeamSpeak, Facebook Messenger, etc.

However, if you really want to learn more about Discord, what it offers, and why it might be useful to you, this tutorial will lead you through every significant aspect of Discord. But first, let’s go a little deeper into the definition of Discord.

Describe Discord

Discord is a chat program for computers and mobile devices. It was introduced as a conversation app for gamers and needs an internet connection. It is still a chat software for gamers, but it has evolved into something more.

It can be used for text, voice, and video chats as well as the exchange of links, videos, and other types of content. Discord is now an app for staying in touch and talking with friends, family, and other individuals who share your interests now that it has expanded outside gaming. Basically, it’s just a place to relax and socialize.

Therefore, it is no longer exclusively for gamers. It’s open to everyone and can be a fantastic location to socialize.

What Operating Systems does Discord Support?

Devices running Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS can use Discord. It is available for direct download from the relevant app stores. You may also access it directly from the Discord website if you use a Windows or Mac computer. However, using the app gives you a deeper experience.

Discord will eventually be somehow linked with PlayStation gaming systems. It’s also accessible on Xbox One, however chat isn’t supported. You can only view the games your Discord friends are playing.

Discord has now been integrated with PS4 and PS5, although not quite how you may anticipate. The Discord app allows you to link your PSN account so that it displays what games you’re playing and how long you’ve been playing them. However, voice and text chat are still not accessible.

Discord is it free?

Using Discord is cost-free. Additionally free is the download. Discord does, however, provide a few options for paid subscriptions. You gain extra features with these that are not available to free users. Therefore, it’s up to you to decide whether or not such benefits are worth the money you work so hard to earn each month.

The subscription might be worthwhile for some people. They might not be for some. The appeal of the premium options is that they don’t actually have to be purchased in order to enjoy Discord to the fullest. It’s fine to use the free version of it, and you still have access to all or the most of the features required for a fantastic experience.

What Choices are there for Discord Subscriptions?

Users of Discord can choose between two distinct subscription options. Discord Nitro and Discord Nitro Classic are both available. Nitro offers additional features than Nitro Classic and costs $9.99 per month. Nitro is also available as a yearly subscription for $99.99.

Despite having a few fewer features than Nitro, Nitro Classic still has more features than the free membership. The price is $4.99 per month or $49.99 annually.

Premium Memberships are a new set of subscription tiers that Discord is currently offering. These are presently being tested, and just a few communities have had them turned on. In the upcoming days and weeks, members of those groups might start to notice premium subscription choices appearing.

Communities can put portion or all of the server behind a monthly membership tier by using Premium Memberships. enabling them to earn money from the server. Members receive benefits from tiers as well.

The entire implementation of this functionality hasn’t been disclosed by Discord yet, although it won’t happen until at least 2022. Discord intends to expand this to further communities in the future. Communities will probably need to request access, which Discord can grant or refuse.

What Can You Get with Discord Nitro?

You’ll receive a ton of cool incentives when you subscribe to Nitro, which improves the user experience. You’ll have better emoji capabilities with Nitro, and you can collect and make your own unique emoji, including animated emoji.

A personal profile is also provided. It enables you to create a unique tag for your online identity and add an animated avatar. The server boosts come next. While you are free to boost a Discord server as often as you like, joining Nitro will give you two boosts for free right away. You are free to use these on your own server or one that you frequently use and really like.

You receive two boosts for free in addition to a 30% discount on any extra boosts. Additionally, a tiny identifier that displays how long you have been boosting will be added to your badge. The last two benefits are perhaps the most practical. With a paid account, you can upload files up to 100MB instead of just 8MB.

Additionally, you have access to high-definition video for screen sharing, Go Live streaming, and video conversations.


Can Friends Receive Nitro as a gift?

Yes, you can! Users now have the option to gift Nitro to other users on Discord. You can give your friends a Nitro subscription as a gift to get them started if you and the friends are on the same server and you want them to be able to experience Nitro benefits with you.

A Server Boost: What is it?

You can give your server—or the server of your choice—extra benefits by giving it a server boost. Everyone who participates in that server has access to the benefits because they are shared by the entire community. The booster also receives some special benefits that are exclusively available to them. As well as a Server Booster badge that appears next to their name and the community’s Server Booster role.

But since anyone can boost a server, everyone who boosts will benefit from these advantages. The other benefits of a boosted server, however, are available to all players. The server must have unlocked the level rewards in order to receive the increased benefits. There are three stages altogether, and each one increases the perk pool by a small amount.

The level-specific perks that can be unlocked are all listed below.


Describe a Server


Discord divides communities into servers as part of its operation. Your preferred YouTuber may have their own server. Or it can be a server that you and your pals developed for use during your game nights. It might even be one where you hang around and talk about your favorite films. Or if you want a server for studying with classmates and exchanging ideas, talk about school.

The creator gives each server a name before further subdividing it into categories and channels. The community is kept organized by categories and channels to prevent debate duplication. ensuring that everything has a place and making it simpler for other community members to locate topics.

For your game nights, for instance, you might have a server. People engage in a wide variety of games. In order to keep the chats structured, you could configure the server with categories for each game. You might also create numerous voice chat channels, each with a designated channel for a certain activity. a channel for random discussion, a channel for raids, and a channel for any other game-related content, for instance.

A Discord server is joined.

Servers might have what seems like an endless number of users. You are free to join any open servers at any time. You’ll need an invitation to join some of the private servers as well. In order to join a private server, you would either need to send a request, which would then need to be authorized, or you would need to receive an invitation, which you would then need to accept.

Community admins may assign a member a role (or many roles) after they sign up for a server. Each member’s abilities within a server may be governed by these roles. They can also restrict which channels a member or group of members can view. You might, for instance, have a channel that is just for administrators. For security concerns, you might also want to restrict access to this channel to admins only. So you could easily prevent any people who are not administrators from viewing that channel.

Roles of members


Let’s talk about member positions in more detail. As they will influence how users can communicate with a server. A different member who has the authority to decide what each role may access must set up the member roles. We refer to these as role permissions. Role permissions can cover a wide range of activities. say, controlling role permissions something that is generally the domain of administrators.

Additionally, permissions can be used to prohibit or expel users from a channel or server as well as change their nicknames. You can give roles any name you like when creating them. So you’re not required to refer to it as an admin role. If you like, you can refer to it as a “moderator.” or anything at all. If you want to, give it an amusingly cheeky name. If you have the capacity to change these things, that is.

You’ll only be able to see your roles if you are merely a user. In order to enable members in chats understand each other’s position, roles also have corresponding colors. This shows their name in the color of their greatest level-associated role.

Can I build my own servers?

Any time you like, a new server can be created. Depending on the kind of community you want to build, you may choose to either construct one from scratch or use a template. Once you have Discord set up, all you need to do to start using it is click the “+” icon in the Server list to add a new one.

What attributes does Discord possess?

Members of Discord have access to a sizable feature list. This makes it a very flexible conversation software. Some of the elements were already covered in the previous section. For instance, the capability to provide members roles, control their permissions, divide server communication into several categories, and use chat channels.

You can share files with other users on Discord as well. These could be documents of any kind, music files, or graphics like JPG, PNG, GIF, etc. Up to 8MB of files can be uploaded by free members. Members of Nitro can upload files up to 100MB in size.

Links can also be distributed. Whether it was a website or video link, you just wanted to share it with your pals. Additionally, videos may be played from within Discord, saving users from having to access web pages just to view the material. which is really useful.

Threads is one of the more recent features that Discord has added. These are exactly what they sound like. They are conversation threads that can give a chat channel even more organization. Consider a chat channel where anyone can post anything and is simply referred to as “general.” But only you and one or two other participants are talking about a certain subject. You can keep the conversation on that general channel and keep it separate from the other channel talks by using threads.

Noise suppression is a feature that is available for voice chat. Almost everything will be muted except for your voice. People can only hear you talking through your microphone, then. These are actually just a few of the key characteristics. However, there are a ton more. A complete list of features is available here.

Has Discord a theme system?

There are certain themes, but nothing outlandish. You have your standard light and dark themes, as well as one that synchronizes it with the settings of your computer. Officially, there are no more themes.

The Discord app may be able to add themes in certain unapproved ways, though. However, we’re not certain if this violates Discord’s Terms of Service. Therefore, if you decide to consider utilizing them, act with caution.


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