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5+ Best Ways to Fix Twitch Lagging

Worried about how to fix twitch lagging? Today, we’ll show you 6 simple ways how to fix twitch lagging easily. The most widely used live streaming platform globally is Twitch. However, despite its widespread use, users frequently encounter buffering streams or even worse. The issues with twitch lagging or twitch constantly buffering significantly reduce user experience. Buffering issues with Twitch may be quite frustrating and make the service more difficult to use. User complaints about a few related issues include:

  • Twitch VOD, buffering in clips
  • Twitch keeps buffering on Chrome and Firefox, and there is lag every few seconds.
  • Twitch Playback Buffer

However, there are a several fixes that can help with Twitch lagging or buffering, including upgrading the PC, verifying the firewall settings, ensuring a strong and quick internet connection, utilizing a VPN, and switching the browser. In only three easy steps—adding the corrupted video, fixing the video, and saving the video—it recovers the video.

5+ Best Ways to Fix Twitch Lagging

For the gamers, Twitch is the platform of choice. However, lagging or buffering issues with Twitch streams significantly degrade the user experience. Therefore, we are carefully examining Twitch lagging, its connected problems, and potential solutions.

1. A computer with improved specs

One of the many additional reasons you can be experiencing Twitch latency is the configuration of your computer. And if you stream, it will be a problem for you. Since watching Twitch is very similar to watching a YouTube video, viewers shouldn’t have too many issues. However, it’s a little different for streamers. Streaming consumes a lot of bandwidth and your computer’s resources in order to operate smoothly.
This is why the minimum you should have is a good computer with above-average specifications. We have put together a list of items you ought to remember. Think of it as a baseline, and updating your PC should be your first course of action if you experience issues like lag while Twitch streaming.

2. Verify Firewall Preferences

Both Twitch streamers and spectators have problems with certain firewalls. The smooth operation of Twitch could be hampered by various firewall settings. In this case, turn off the firewall and check to see whether Twitch works differently.

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In this instance, antivirus software that is running in the background may also be at fault. Antivirus software is set up to prevent any programs from stealing your bandwidth in the background. The continual uploading and downloading that occurs when streaming places it on the list of activities that antivirus software blocks. For this, there are two workarounds. You can either deactivate it or put it in game mode when streaming on Twitch. While the former is only applicable to fresh and updated antivirus software, the latter is a choice for all of them.

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3. Reliable Internet access

The greater issue, internet access, is more challenging to understand and address. An Internet connection is to blame for Twitch video loading issues 75% of the time. You need to be really cautious about it as a streamer. A solid internet connection is essential, as is ensuring that your bandwidth remains constant throughout the day.
A quick and easy speed test is the best way to determine your internet’s speed. When you visit Twitch, simply do a speed test on your internet connection. This speed test will provide an accurate indication of how well the internet is working. Making a few adjustments would substantially assist if the internet connection was slower than planned.

  • Wire-based connections
  • Wi-Fi password changes
  • deleting current users except for the ones on your pc

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4.Use a VPN

You may be experiencing difficulties loading Twitch because to problems in a particular nation or region. Use a VPN to quickly solve that problem. You have the option of going directly to a VPN website or installing a VPN browser plugin.
If you already use a VPN, this may also be the problem preventing Twitch streams from loading. You might disable your current VPN in this situation to see if anything changes for you.

5. Switch Web Browsers

Trying a different browser might be the simplest step to take in order to find a fix for Twitch always buffering with decent internet. If Twitch stops working for no apparent reason or doesn’t even launch, your browser is probably the blame. The issue can be resolved by updating it, but if you are too lazy to do that, your best option is definitely to switch to another browser, such as Firefox or Opera.

When Chrome is your only browser, this generally occurs. Chrome is known for the consuming a significant amount of the RAM, leaving little to no room for the stream. The simplest way to fix this is to go to Chrome’s settings and disable “hardware acceleration.”
The majority of times, Twitch stays lagging if Chrome is your only browser. Chrome is actually known for consuming a significant amount of the RAM, leaving little to no room for your stream. The simplest way to fix this is to go to Chrome’s settings and disable “hardware acceleration.”

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  • Double-click the Google Chrome browser shortcut on your desktop or look for it in the Start menu to launch it on your computer.
  • In the top right corner of the browser window, click the three horizontal points. It should say: When you soar above them, customize and manage Google Chrome. In turn, a drop-down option appears.
  • Scroll down to the actually “Advanced” button on this page after selecting the Settings option from the drop-down menu at the bottom. Don’t forget to click on it.
  • Once more, scroll down the new page until you come to the System section. Clear the Use hardware acceleration checkbox next to the input in Google Chrome to turn off hardware acceleration.
  • Restart your browser by shutting down and starting Google Chrome again.

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