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How to Easily Stream Amazon Prime on Discord

stream amazon prime on discord

Want to know how to stream amazon prime on discord? This post will show you how can you easily stream amazon prime on discord. 

How to Easily Stream Amazon Prime on Discord

To stream Prime Video, open the Monitor icon while it is active, choose the voice channel, resolution, and frame rate, and then click Go Live.

If you add the web browser to Discord, you can also stream content through the Prime Video online player through a web browser.

How to Use Discord to Stream Prime Video

You can stream video from services like Amazon Prime Video with Discord’s game streaming function, which also allows you to share your games with others via a speech channel. This is a simple solution if you’ve been trying to organize a movie night with your friends but you can’t meet up in person.

You won’t by default notice the Prime Video app as a streaming option because Discord is configured to identify games. You must manually add it before you can choose to go live with the video you’re watching, exactly like you would if you were playing a game. Then, you may invite your friends to join you in the voice channel so they can watch with you.

These guidelines explain how to stream content using the Prime Video app. Additionally, you can use the web player in Discord to stream Prime Video. Simply launch the Prime Video website in a web browser, such as Chrome or Firefox, and then choose that browser in step 5 rather than the Prime Video app. To stream Prime Video in Discord, follow these steps:

1.To begin, launch Discord and select the gear icon.

2. Click Games Registered.

3. Press Add it!

4. Click Select.

5. Select Prime Video.

6. Select “Add Game.”

7. Select the X in the window’s upper right corner.

8. On the channel list underneath Prime Video for Windows, click the monitor icon.

9. Select Go Live after choosing a voice channel, resolution, and frame rate.

10. You are currently watching Prime Video in a voice channel on Discord. You can watch with your friends if you invite them.

What if Discord Has a Black Screen for Amazon Prime?

Even though streaming Amazon Prime using Discord is a simple operation, it isn’t always reliable. One frequent problem is that the video won’t play and you or your friends will just see a black screen. Try closing and reopening Discord if it happens. Discord might need to install an update. You may also try rebooting your computer if it doesn’t work.

Another option is to try a different supplier. Try to use a web browser instead if you’re using the Amazon Prime app. Hardware acceleration should be disabled to begin with if you are already streaming from a web browser. Try a different kind of browser if that doesn’t work. When streaming video on Discord, some web browsers perform better than others, and occasionally an update will completely destroy the feature. If that occurs, switching to a different browser usually resolves the issue.


How can I use Discord to stream Netflix?

Open Netflix in a web browser to share your Netflix screen on Discord. Choose Settings > Activity Status > Add It > Google Chrome in Discord, then choose the Netflix browser tab and Add Game. Go Live by selecting the browser tab you want to stream from, clicking the screen icon, and then selecting Exit Settings.

How can I use Discord to stream my Nintendo Switch?

Share the game on Discord after displaying it in a video player on your computer after connecting your Nintendo Switch to it. The same is possible with a PlayStation. You can stream Xbox games to Discord using an app for Xbox consoles.

Is it possible to stream in a Discord DM?

Yes. Choose Call > Screen Share > Application Window from the menu. Choose Share after choosing the game or application window to stream.



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