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Discord vs WhatsApp: Which is better?

discord vs whatsapp

What is the comparison between Discord vs. WhatsApp? Here are some similarities and differences of Discord vs. WhatsApp.

Discord vs. WhatsApp: Which is better?

If you are unfamiliar with how both apps operate, this part will explain the fundamental workflow.


Discord is a tool for conversation that was initially created for gamers to communicate, but it has since expanded to be used for anything. You can discover groups on Discord. They are particular places where people can share.

Servers can be compared to applications. For instance, if a game exists, you can locate a server for it, and players will congregate on that server to discuss the game. You are able to start your own sites and invite users to join.

Let’s talk about networks now that that is settled. To allow users to talk about a specific channel subject, the admin of each server establishes channels. The routes in a game might, for instance, be:

  • Single-player
  • Multiplayer
  • Support
  • Q&A
  • Updates
  • Announcements
  • Rules

Discord offers sophisticated channel modification, granting administrators, mods, and users all the necessary rights to alter the server, post in channels, and modify the permits of others.


WhatsApp is a little unique. It is an instrument for both one-on-one and group conversation. Though more sophisticated and utilizing the internet, it is more akin to a Text program.

In order to transmit messages to your friends, it validates your phone number. You can also make clubs and include members to discuss particular topics. You can make a group and invite all the organizers to it, for instance, if an event is approaching and one of the leaders wants to talk about it.


While WhatsApp originated as mobile software, Discord was first a desktop tool. Both can be found today on PC and mobile devices. Both are accessible using your preferred software.

Supported Files

Images and EXE files are both supported by Discord on PC (if allowed on the server or channel). You can select the upload file choice by selecting the + symbol in the type field. The following features are supported by the Discord smartphone app:

  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Recordings
  • Documents

Conversely, WhatsApp supports a wide range of formats on its smartphone and online platforms. This is the list:

  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Recordings
  • PDF
  • contact information

Aside from that, both also allow Twitter messages, YouTube movies, GIFs, emoticons, and emojis. Therefore, Discord PC triumphs, while WhatsApp triumphs on mobile.

Calls Voice and Video

Voice and visual conversations are both supported by Discord. In the direct message (DM) section, you have the option of calling someone or joining a group in a voice-only line. You can discover voice channels on some servers to communicate with other internet users via voice and video.

Contrarily, WhatsApp for mobile allows individual and group audio and video calls. It offers choices for changing the camera, including new users, and muting calls.

WhatsApp vs. Discord: Integrations

Discord offers numerous connections because it is a robust messaging programme. Webhooks, YouTube, Twitch, and channel tracking systems are among the small number of apps it comes with by default. However, you can link Discord with Zapier, which works with thousands of apps, including:

  • Slack
  • Travel by Google
  • Communities on Facebook Airtable
  • Asana

View all the approved applications on the official website.

Although WhatsApp does not allow integrations, it does provide its API to help medium- to large-sized companies interact with their customers.

Added advantages of Discord

  • Verifying a Discord server has additional advantages: Owners of servers can ask Discord to validate their server and show the validated emoticon. This hastens the emergence of society.
  • Bots: With the aid of bots, server owners and administrators can create intricate channel systems to carry out duties like assigning users to teams and running games, among other things.
  • Image preview: In WhatsApp, files have to be downloaded before they can be opened. In Discord, users can look at files without having to download them.
  • Edit and remove communications: Discord allows you to modify and delete messages. WhatsApp provides message deletion as well, but Discord completely erases the communication, whereas WhatsApp leaves a trail.

Extra WhatsApp Advantages

WhatsApp Business is a version of WhatsApp designed specifically for companies to use in order to interact with their clients directly. To use it, one must register.

  • More secure: End-to-end encryption is just one of the additional security features WhatsApp employs in comparison to Discord to protect your private conversations.
  • Contrary to Discord, WhatsApp allows you to transmit files up to 100 Megabytes in size.
  • In contrast to Discord, individuals can see when a communication has been read.
  • Temporary communications are supported by WhatsApp and are immediately deleted after a set number of days.



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