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How to View Deleted Messages on Discord

deleted messages on discord

Want to view deleted messages on discord? This post will show you step-by-step how you can easily view deleted messages on discord. It’s been argued that anything you post online remains there in perpetuity, and this includes erased Discord messages. It if someone on Discord erased a message and you want to see what it said or regain access to it again, you may do so in 4 simple steps.

Just keep in mind that anyone on Discord can see deleted messages, so be careful what you write when you send it. The message will still exist, it will just be hidden from public view.

The same is true for messages that have been edited; it is possible to view the original message’s contents following an edit. I’ll simple walk you through the four easy steps necessary to view deleted messages on Discord, so pay attention.

How to View Deleted Messages on Discord

You must follow four comparatively easy procedures, which we’ll go through below, in order to view deleted messages on Discord. The steps are as follows:

Install the BetterDiscord program.

Get the MessageLoggerV2 plugin now.

Activate the MessageLoggerV2 plugin after adding it to the BetterDiscord plugins directory.

To view what modifications have been made, right-click your server and open the logs.

1.Install BetterDiscord

BetterDiscord is an add-on to Discord’s functionality that is necessary to perform any complex tasks, such as searching for deleted or altered messages on the server.

Visit BetterDiscord and get the program there.

You will be prompted with a number of questions during installation, including: Install, Repair, or Remove, and you want to choose Install.

Select the Discord version unless you are certain otherwise.

Discord will launch automatically after installation, and a pop-up should show the BetterDiscord version you currently have.

2. Get MessageLoggerV2 now.

BetterDiscord’s MessageLoggerV2 plugin makes use of the improved capabilities to provide you access to messages that have been deleted or changed on a server.

Save MessageLoggerV2 to a location you can remember after downloading it.

3. Add the plugin MessageLoggerV2

You must install and enable the MessageLoggerV2 plugin after setting up BetterDiscord and downloading it.

Launch Discord on your computer.

User Settings can easily be found by clicking the gear icon.

Find BetterDiscord header on the left-hand side by scrolling down the page.

Under the BetterDiscord header, click Plugins.

To open the plugins folder, click.

Activate the downloaded MessageLoggerV2 plugin by opening its folder.

To add the MessageLoggerV2 plugin to Discord’s Plugins Folder, drag it there.

By checking the box or flipping the icon next to the plugin, you can enable the MessageLoggerV2 plugin.

If you get a warning that there are missing libraries, click Download Now to install them.

Activate the ZeresPluginLibrary and XenoLib when the download is finished.

4. Choose the server and view the logs

Now that everything should have been installed, all that’s left to do is pick the right server and look through the accessible logs.

Search your server list for the server you want to verify.

Do a right-click on the server.

When the navigation window opens, choose Message Logger from the list.

When a log window appears, select Open Logs from the menu.

You may now select the tab to examine the particular logs you wish to view and have access to the server logs connected to certain actions.

The accessible tabs are:


Removable Ghost Pings

What Discord Server Log Types Can I View?

By employing the aforementioned technique, you can access four separate categories of server logs, which include the message’s content, its date and time, and the user to whom it is related.

Messages that have been deleted are simply that—messages that have been removed for a variety of reasons.

You can view messages that have been altered by others. These messages may just have had spelling errors fixed, or they may have had their meaning substantially changed.

An administrator purges messages, either those of a particular user or the most recent x messages that were on the server.

Ghost pings are notifications that someone sends to your channel but immediately deletes. You visit the discord server to check who is interested in what, but you can’t find the message or the person who sent it. Those ghost pings will be visible in these logs.

Can Old Discord Server Logs Be Viewed?

Regular users are unable to view the historical discord server logs, and the approach described above will only allow you to view logs going back to the time the MessageLoggerV2 plugin was installed and enabled.

Therefore, as a regular user, it is not possible for you to see or locate information that was destroyed before accomplishing all of this.

Installing BetterDiscord and MessageLoggerV2 is still beneficial to identify and view any deleted messages or upcoming problems.

Are Deleted Discord Messages Visible to You?

BetterDiscord and MessageLoggerV2 violate Discord’s terms of service, making it technically illegal for you to use them and subjecting you to any associated dangers.

Being client-side applications, BetterDiscord and MessageLoggerV2 can only access data that is sent to or available from your system or your Discord client.

No known safeguards against client-side modifications of Discord exist. Users that modify any client-side features or actions have never received bans from Discord, according to records.

How Can You View Deleted Messages On Discord?

If you’ve already installed the BetterDiscord app and the MessageLoggerV2 plugin, you can view deleted messages on Discord. If you want to view deleted messages from before the installation, it is not feasible.

Installing these programs will ensure that any future problems are noted and that you have access to them. It’s especially fascinating or educational on bigger Discord servers where there are a lot of message deletions or modifications. They have the power to entirely alter how or why a conversation took a particular turn.

Just remember that since this is a client-side program, if you log out or close Discord, your erased messages won’t wait in a queue until you reconnect.



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