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How to Effectively Utilize BetterDiscord Message Blogger

Want to use a better discord message logger? Today, we’ll show you how you can easily use a better discord message logger. To provide you the best possible answer, we have now listed all of the related questions. It is mentioned that deleted Discord messages are available no matter where you are on the internet.

How to Effectively Utilize BetterDiscord Message Blogger

Therefore, it is possible to take action in 4 easy steps if someone deleted a message on Discord and you want to confirm what it said or access the information again.

Just keep in mind that anyone with access to Discord can see deleted messages, so be careful while writing them. If you do this, the Discord message will still be available but will only be hidden from general view.

The same is true for edited messages; it is possible to see what the original message said after an edit has been made. Follow My Lead As I Walk You Through The 4 Simple Steps To View Deleted Messages On Discord.

What Is A Better Discord Message Logger?

You’re in luck if you’re one of the many Discord users looking for a better way to track your messages. You Can Keep Track Of What Has Been Said In Your Chat Room With The Help Of A Variety Of Message Logging Tools That Are Available.

Discord’s built-in message logger is one of the most used message logging tools. With the message of this tool, you can keep track of any chat messages you’ve sent and received, as well as the user who sent them.

Additionally, you can use this tool to determine which messages have been sent more than once and which messages have been deleted.

On Discord, how do you view deleted messages?

You Must Complete 4 Fairly Simple Steps, Which We’ll Focus On Below, In Order To View Deleted Messages On Discord. The Steps Are As Follows:

1. Install BetterDiscord

better discord message logger

BetterDiscord is a tool to boost Discord’s performance and is necessary to carry out better tasks, like checking for deleted or edited messages on the server. Visit BetterDiscord and get the software.

You’ll be asked a number of questions during setup, including:

• You Must Select A Setup Option From Install, Repair, Or Take Away.

• Choose the Discord model; unless you realize there is no other option, go with Discord.

Discord Will Typically open up as soon as it is entered, and a pop-up should appear to indicate the BetterDiscord model that you have just entered.

2. the MessageLoggerV2 program.

better discord message logger

The BetterDiscord plugin MessageLoggerV2 uses the enhanced performance to give you the access to deleted or edited messages on a server. Download the MessageLoggerV2 and save it to a location that you can remember.

3. Include MessageLoggerV2 in the plugins

better discord message logger

It’s Important To Set Up And Allow The MessageLoggerV2 Plugin Once You’ve Purchased BetterDiscord Installed And Downloaded It.

• Launch Discord on your computer.

• Select Consumer Settings by clicking on the gear icon.

• Continue to scroll down the page until you see the BetterDiscord header on the left-hand side.

• Select Plugins From the BetterDiscord Header’s Menu

• Select the Open Plugins Folder button.

• Access the folder containing the newly downloaded MessageLoggerV2 plugin.

• In Discord, drag the MessageLoggerV2 plugin to the Plugins folder.

• Check the box next to the MessageLoggerV2 plugin or toggle the switch next to it to enable it.

• You might see a warning about a lack of libraries; click “Get Now” to add the missing libraries.

• After the purchase is complete, let XenoLib and ZeresPluginLibrary run.

4. Pick a server and start the logs

All the pieces should now be at the right place; all that is left to do is pick the best server and check the access logs.

• Locate the server on your server checklist that you need to look at the most.

• Click properly on the server

• A menu will appear, and you can select Message Logger from it.

• When a log window appears, click on “Open Logs”

At this level, you have a tab where you may select the specific logs you want to see in order to view server logs connected to a variety of actions. The Available Tabs Include:

• Deleted

• Edited

• Purged

• Phantom Pings

Better Discord Message Logger


Important Questions Every Discord User Should Understand Regarding These Details.

What Discord Server Log Types Can I View?

Using the above method, you have access to four completely different kinds of server logs, including the content of the message, the time and date it occurred, and the user it pertains to. Messages that have been deleted are straightforward; they can be done so for a variety of reasons.

You can view the messages that others have edited, which may only involve a minor spelling correction or a complete rewriting of what was previously said.

Purged Messages are the places where an administrator deletes messages, either those of a specific customer or the last X number of messages that have been stored on the server.

Ghost Pings are when someone notifies you through a channel but promptly deletes it. You visit the Discord server to see who is in need of a certain item, but you are unable to see the message or the person who sent it. These Ghost Pings Will Be Shown In These Logs.

Are Deleted Discord Messages Visible to You?

You are technically not allowed to use BetterDiscord and MessageLoggerV2 since they violate Discord’s terms of service and should accept all risks associated with doing so.

As previously said, BetterDiscord and MessageLoggerV2 are both client-side applications, meaning that this entry information is only accessible through or coming from your system or a Discord user.

There have never been any known safeguards against client-side modifications to discord. By no means has Discord kept track of or identified any bans for users that modify any client-side options or actions.

What Is A Better Discord Message Logger And How Do I Use It?

Get BetterDiscord software now.

The MessageLoggerV2 Plugin may be downloaded.

The BetterDiscord Plugins Folder should have the MessageLoggerV2 Plugin added and enabled.

See what changes have been made by selecting your server with the right click and opening the logs.

BetterDiscord is it permitted?

Because it violates the Discord Terms of Service, BetterDiscord is not permitted on Discord. BetterDiscord Is Not An Allowed Use Of Its Companies, According To Discord, And Will Lead To A Suspension Or A Ban.

Can I View the Discord Chat Logs?

Open Excel or Sheets to view the messages you have downloaded. Select the historical past CSV file for the downloaded Discord chat under File > Open. All of Your Messages Must Be Viewed In The Spreadsheet At This Point.

Will Using BetterDiscord Get Me Banned?

Do You Have A Chance Of Being Banned From BetterDiscord? Yes, because BetterDiscord opposes the terms of Discord’s companies, you risk being banned for using it. Discord Doesn’t Compromize Anything With Regard To The Security-Related Points Attributable To BetterDiscord And Can Ban You The Second Discord Discover It.

How Can I Purchase Discord Canary?

Downloading the most recent version of the Discord Canary desktop application or giving it a try in your web browser will allow you to check out the service.

Get the most recent Discord Canary Launch for your operating system from the Discord website to get started. On Linux, Home Windows, and Mac, you can get and use the desktop app.


You’ve probably already installed the BetterDiscord software and the MessageLoggerV2 plugin, but it’s still possible to see deleted messages on Discord. However, it is impossible if you want to view deleted messages from before the setup.

Effectively, It’s Worth Performing These Tasks So That Any Points Eventually Are Recorded And You Have Access To Them. On larger Discord servers when there are many message deletions or edits, it is especially attention-grabbing or instructive. They Will Totally Alter How Or Why A Dialog Took A Certain Turn. Just be aware that because it is client-side software, if you happen to log out or close Discord, the deleted messages won’t be available when you log back in.


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